30 de mayo de 2010


3 enlaces de descarga zip. con 233 temas mp3 del estilo dance/rememeber/progresivo sobre los años 1990 y 2000,versiones extendidas y integras,dejo el listado de temas:

4Clubbers- Children
Abel Ramos- 2001 Odissey
Abel Ramos- Samarkanda
Abel The Kid & Raúl Ortiz- Groove 1.0
Absolom- Stars
Alex K- U got it
Alice Deejay- Back in my life
Alice Deejay- Better off alone
Analogic- Go back
Angel Sanchez- Fire & Water
Angel Sanchez- Untouchable
Annia- Fly on the wings of love
Aquagen- Party alarm
Aquagen- Lovemachine
Aqualords- Children of the demon
Aqualords- Witches
Area- The spirit of Area
Area- Music for your eyes
Area- Tears of fire
Attic- I'm losing you
Barthezz- Infected
Barthezz- On the move
Ben Shift- Sagitario
Ben Sims- Manipulated
Blaulicht 112- Achterbahn
Blumchen- Heut ist mein tag
Boca- Miami
Brooklyn Bounce- Club bizarre
C4- Higher level
Camisra- Let me show you
Camisra Vs Mauro Picotto- Let me show you lizard
Candy Girls- Bom Da Dee
Celeste- This is your life
Chasis- Take off
Checkm@te- Another world
Chumi DJ- Stop living my life
Clublanders- World of love
Commander Tom- Are am eye
Commite- Tranceline
Cosmic Gate- Exploration of space
Cosmic Gate- Fire Wire
Cosmic Gate- Melt to the ocean
Danger Hardcore Team- Total eclipse of my heart
Darude- Feel the beat
Darude- Out of control
Darude- Sandstorm
Datura- Yerba del diablo
Dee Dee- Forever
Delerium feat Sarah McLachlan- Silence
Discovery- Missing
Dj Centaury & Wavetraxx- Lazarus
Dj Darkzone- Watching you
Dj Dela- The dragon
Dj Gilbert- Dulux
Dj Innovator- Temper
Dj Jam X- Keep it that way
Dj Kessok- Reality
Dj Nano- Fucking in the sky
Dj Quicksilver- Bellisima
Dj Quicksilver- Ameno
Dj Rolando- Jaguar
Dj Sakin & Friends- Miami
Dj Sammy- Heaven
Dj Sylvan- Guitar spell
Dj Tiesto- Lethal Industry
Dual Bass feat Allan- Pitch Bend
Dune- Espiral
Elastica Vol 1- Tashure
Elastica Vol 2- La santa
Emma Shaplin- Spente le stelle
Empire- Fantasy
Enya- Gladiator
Exel- Wonderland
Fernando Ballesteros- The Kimbo
Flutlicht- Icarus
Fragma- Every time you need me
Fragma- Toca Me
Hampemberg- Duck toy
Head Horny's & Dj Miguel Serna- In my dreams
Head Horny's & Dj Miguel Serna- No more
Head Horny's & Dj Miguel Serna- Rock da house
Ian Van Dahl- Castles in the sky (remix)
Ian Van Dahl- Will I
Ian Van Dahl- Castles in the sky
In Dreams- Where is the light
Interactive- Forever young
Jeff Mills- The bells
Jimmy Goldschmitz vs Peter Lut- Horizon
John Wesley- Lover why
Johnny O- Fantasy girl
Jonah- Ssst...Listen
Kate Project- A better world
Kate Ryan- Desenchantee
Kate Ryan- Libertine
Kate Ryan- Scream for more
Kate Ryan- Voyage voyage
Kate Ryan- You are my love
Klubbingman- Welcome to the club
La Luna- Here i am
La Luna- Take me
La Luna- Kisses of fire
Lasgo- Alone
Lasgo- Something
Liberty- Seguro
Liquid feat Sylver- Turn the tide
Liquid feat Sylver- Turn the tide (airscape remix)
Luna Park- Space melody
Madelyne- Beautiful child
Mark 'Oh- Never stop that feeling
Mauro Picotto- Komodo
Mauro Picotto- Lizard
Mauro Picotto- Proximus
Maxi Paul- Tic Tuc Tac
Medicine Man- Electric voodoo
Milk Inc- In my eyes
Milk Inc- Land of the living
Milk Inc- Livin a lie
Milk Inc- Promise
Milk Inc- Walk on water
Milk Inc- Wide awake
Milk Inc- Go to hell
Milk Inc- Never again
Milk Inc- Sleepwalker
Noemi- In my dreams
Noyze- Stay with me
Orion Too- You and me
Out of grace- Anglia
Out of grace- Obscura
Overdrive- Das Spiegel
Pastis & Buenri- Xque vol 6
Pocoloco Gang- Pocoloco
Pont Aeri- Flying free
Pont Aeri- Flying free (scracht)
Project Medusa- Something is wrong
Pro-Tech- Control
Pulsedriver- Cambodia
Question Mark- Mentira
Rave Allstars - Bitte Anschnallen
Safri Duo- Played a live
Sash!- Ecuador
Sash!- Misterious times
Sash!- Stay
Semtex- Narcotic
Silenzi- Empty houses
Solar System- City of angels
Svenson & Gielen- Twisted
Sylver- Forever in love
Sylver- Skin
Sylver- Forgiven
Sylver- In your eyes
Sylver- The smile has left your eyes
Techno House Festival- Mitico
The Darkman- Illegale
The Format- I can fly
Tina Cousins- Pray
Tropicana- Thing to come
Umek- Soludeks
Pulsedriver- Your spirit is shining
Veracocha- Carte blanche
Warp Brothers- Phatt bass
Warp Brothers- We will survive
Warp Brothers- Blast the speakers
Yoda- Definetly
Yves Deruyter- Back to earth
Zenith Vs Avex- I'm your deejay
Abel Ramos- Poem without words
Abel The Kid & Raúl Ortiz- Groove 2.0
Abel The Kid & Raúl Ortiz- Groove 3.0
Alice Deejay- Will I ever
And One- Metalhammer
ATB- 9PM (Till I come)
Bbe- Seven days and one week
Chasis- Residents of the universe
Chasis- Welcome to future
Cherry Coke- Cherokee
Chumi Dj- No reason
Da Hool- Meet her at the loveparade
Das Licht- Traumwelten
Double Vision- Knockin
Dual Band- GSM
Elástica- The test
Energy 52- Café del mar
Fragma- Man in the moon
Guerilla- Our time is now
Invisible Limits- Golden dreams
Jessy- Head over heels
Joy Kiticonti- Joyenergizer
Kai Tracid- Your own reality
Katana- Let the base
Kay Cee- Millenium stringz
Klubbheads- Big bass bomb
Kosmonova - Danse avec moi
La Luna- When the morning comes
Libra- A second chance
Mauro Picotto- Iguana
Mauro Picotto- Like This Like That
Megamind- Taub
Miranda- Vamos a Jugar en el Sol
Miss Groovy - Hey you
Nakadia- Behind These Hazel Eyes
Nalin & Kane - Beachball
Nikolai - Ready to Flow
Paul van Dyk- For an angel
Pont Aeri - Take a Trip
Public Domain- Operation Blade
Radiorama- Ninna ninna oh
Rank 1- Airwave
Ricky Le Roy - Tuareg
Robert Miles - Children
Robert Miles- Fable
Safri Duo- Falling High
Sash!- Ganbareh
Scooter- Nesaja
Sergeant Pepper- Charge
Sirocco- Your love
Sonique- Fly So High
Sonique- It Feels So Good
Söniquê- Zanarkand
Southside Spinners - Luvstruck
Spanic- Sister golden hair
T Comissi- Ke tal!
Taiko- Die Blechtrommel
Three Drives- Greece 2000
Tukan- Light A Rainbow
Tunnel Allstars- Let your mind fly
Twenty 4 Seven- I Can't Stand It
Tyna Saez- Tupakamaru
Vicent de Moor- Fly away
Vicente One More Time - Yambo Yambo
Vicente One More Time -Musika
Xque- Diferent Melody
Xque Vol 7- Thank You
Xque- Xque Vol 6

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